Facts & FAQs

Click below for a printable list of facts about the Holiday Woodlands Preserve:

Holiday Woodlands Preserve Fact Sheet


Where is this property located?
This property is an 80-acre parcel of land just south of the Holiday South subdivision and just north of Prouty Road. It can be accessed via trails located at the end of Holiday Village Road and off of Summer Leaf Drive (via the common area), as well as the main entrance off of Five Mile Road. Click here for a map.

What’s on this land now?
There are multiple ecological zones within the 80 acres, including creeks, wetlands, sand dunes, artesian springs, and evergreen and hardwood forests. Baker Creek runs through this property, as well as a number of recreational trails.

Who owns this property now?
With community fundraising, Holiday Woodlands Preserve group was able to purchase the land with a loan from First Community Bank. The down payment has been secured, but we need the community’s help in raising the funds for mortgage payments, property taxes, and potential maintenance costs.

What happens if we can’t continue to make the payments?
If we can’t continue to make the payments the bank will list this property for sale. There is a good probability it will be purchased by a builder and then logged and developed. The most recent development plan called for 90 new homes. Numerous roads (including an access road off of Holiday Village Road) would be added. Ultimately this would result in a large increase in traffic, road damage, construction noise and debris, an untold loss of wildlife, and the elimination of the forest environment enjoyed by many.

What do you mean by Preserve?
Now that the property is in the hands of the community, a priority action item is to have the development rights removed by putting a conservation easement on it. We can then establish this as a nature preserve, which means that the property will be maintained so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features. It can still be enjoyed by the area residents through hiking, biking, snowshoeing, etc.

Is it tax-exempt?
Yes, Holiday Woodlands Preserve is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

What can I do to help?
Fill out our Contact Us form and a member will get back with you to discuss upcoming meetings and opportunities. There is no obligation. We are just happy to know people are interested in saving this property and we will take any sort of help (suggestions, volunteering, financial assistance, moral support, etc.) that we can get. Or just attend an upcoming meeting to find out more!