The pressure is not off yet!

Congratulations, neighbors! We are already more than 20 percent of the way toward paying off our bank loan and preserving the woodland character of Holiday Hills.

Thanks to the generosity of the 52 households that have contributed $46,000 to the cause, the immediate pressure is off. The land will not be deforested, developers are not putting in 90 new homes, and there won’t be 10 years of construction on the hill. In fact, due to its proximity to a nature preserve, the value of your home just went up!

But there is a new pressure. We need your help to make the mortgage payments. Here are three gift levels and the impact they will have:

$500: If every house gave $500, we’d be done.
$900: When you give $900, you cover a monthly mortgage payment.
$2,500: When you give $2,500, you sponsor an acre of land, and your donation will be permanently recorded on our entrance sign.

Any donations are welcome! Click here for details on how to donate.



HWP 501(C)3 status is approved!

We are very pleased to report that our approved 501(c)3 exempt status has been officially granted by the IRS!

The effective date of exemption has been established as September 25, 2017, the date of incorporation of Holiday Woodlands Preserve.

Our amazing and very much appreciated donors can deduct contributions made to us retroactive to the above date.

This is a great milestone for the Holiday Woodlands Preserve!

PS – A special thanks to committee member, Julie Burgess, for the months and months of work she put into this application!

An update from the HWP President


I am writing to give you an update on the Holiday Woodlands Preserve. We’ve been very, very busy.

I am pleased to let you know that in December we successfully financed a loan through First Community Bank so that the Preserve’s governing board could purchase the 80-acre property. The down payment for the loan was secured with over $45,000 dollars raised in the neighborhood and an additional private loan of $40,000, some of which is currently being used for operational costs and loan payments while we get our next phase of fundraising efforts under way.

Our fund raising goal going forward is to raise the money to pay off the loan. A new addition to our neighborhood, Brian VanVoorst, has stepped up to lead the fund raising efforts. The Preserve’s fund raising scheme will come through a layered approach that includes grant writing, business contributions, and donations from generous families like yours. Less than 10% of the neighborhood has contributed, and quite honestly, we understand why—it looked like a long shot. But with the property now secured, we hope you will see your way to make a donation. You will see more information about fund raising soon.

Holiday Woodlands Preserve is unique in that it creates a publicly accessible forest in the heart of a residential area. With the expectation of future expansion of the city into surrounding areas, it is not hard to imagine that this part of town will experience considerable growth in the not-too-distant future. We believe the Preserve will become a welcome piece of wilderness. The Preserve board is prepared to serve as land stewards in perpetuity; however, we will welcome discussions with organizations that share our vision of preservation.

Attached is a fact sheet that will answer many other questions. We also encourage you to look at the following online resources to keep informed.

For information:
For community discussion:
To donate by mail:
Holiday Woodlands Preserve
PO Box 332
Acme, MI 49610
We wish you a great spring and look forward to seeing you in the woods!

Jim Lamond, on behalf of the Holiday Woodlands Preserve governing board

P.S. A question we are often asked is whether we have talked with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. The answer is yes; however, these discussions are in the early stages, and any potential GTRLC involvement isn’t likely before 2020. In the meantime, the mortgage has to be paid, which we have to do with a grassroots effort.

Holiday Woodlands Preserve – Next Steps

Just a quick update to all of our fabulous HWP followers:

Thanks to our amazing donors we were able to make the down payment on the property and secure it (insert huge sigh of relief)!

So now what? We’re not done!

Next steps:

A fundraising team is being formed to specifically focus on ways to raise money for the payments. Have suggestions or want to get involved? Shoot us a message!

Non-Profit Status
The process of having the Holiday Woodlands Preserve recognized as an official charitable organization with 501(c)3 status is underway. This process can take up to 12 months though the team has been working on this for awhile – we are hoping to have things wrapped up in the next few months.

Future Property Plans
Discussions on the future plans for the property including trail maps, parking, property access, signage, etc are all under way.  Stand by for updates!

Thanks to everyone for their support! Go enjoy our 80 acres!