The pressure is not off yet!

Congratulations, neighbors! We are already more than 20 percent of the way toward paying off our bank loan and preserving the woodland character of Holiday Hills.

Thanks to the generosity of the 52 households that have contributed $46,000 to the cause, the immediate pressure is off. The land will not be deforested, developers are not putting in 90 new homes, and there won’t be 10 years of construction on the hill. In fact, due to its proximity to a nature preserve, the value of your home just went up!

But there is a new pressure. We need your help to make the mortgage payments. Here are three gift levels and the impact they will have:

$500: If every house gave $500, we’d be done.
$900: When you give $900, you cover a monthly mortgage payment.
$2,500: When you give $2,500, you sponsor an acre of land, and your donation will be permanently recorded on our entrance sign.

Any donations are welcome! Click here for details on how to donate.