SAVE THE DATE! National Trails Day is Saturday, June 1st!

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The Holiday Woodlands Preserve is proud to be a host site for the 2019 National Trails Day!  Mark your calendar! American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day® unites thousands of hikers across the nation by connecting more people to trails and public lands.

Join us!  Volunteers will be on site to greet you and head on out for a guided trail hike 9am – 12pm.

Meanwhile, you may notice colored flagging temporarily marking new or existing trails & foot paths.  Not to worry—these aren’t marking trees for removal, just showing work in progress.  A big thanks to Dan Zemper who has been diligently working on these trails!

In Response to the “200 Acre Park” Ticker Article

Following Wednesday’s Ticker article, we felt we should reach out to you, our loyal supporters, and explain the piece a bit (if you missed it and want to learn more about the current discussion to create a 200 Acre Park in East Bay Township, you can read about it here).

I think we’d sum up the current situation as “cautiously optimistic.”  After all, what is better than preserving 80 acres?  Preserving 200!  We hope that the revised plan can happen, but there are a lot of unknowns that have to be worked through in the coming months.  First, East Bay Township needs to confirm that they are interested in pursuing the project.  Second, all the parties have to come together with a common vision.  We are eager to hear that the principles of stewardship we hold for the land can be largely honored going forward.  Lastly, (and most importantly) this all depends on a successful grant application to the state.  This last part is tricky; it might not be until 2021 until we find out whether the state will grant the funds.

In addition to being cautiously optimistic, I think we are also a little proud today. All of us should be! If Holiday Woodlands Preserve had not been saved, we’d be talking about a 200-acre housing development.  Many thanks to all of you for your vision for Traverse City, your generosity, and your support of the project.

Again, although we are cautiously optimistic, we can not know what the future holds, so we will continue on the path we are on.  We have a monthly mortgage to pay and other maintenance expenses, so we we won’t take our foot off the gas when it comes to fund raising.  If the merged project doesn’t come to pass, we know there is considerable support for finishing what we started.

We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.  Thank you for your continued interest and support.


The HWP Board

Record-Eagle runs another article on the Preserve!

On the Trail: Holiday Woodlands Preserve offers safe hiking any time of year

With the firearms deer hunting season at the midway mark, I always like to offer readers a suggestion as to where they may hike, mountain bike or just get outdoors yet feel safe. It’s a win-win situation for all outdoor enthusiasts; hunters have just a short two-week window to enjoy their sport and, with an alternate recreation spot, non-hunters can honor that time for both amicability and safety.

The new Holiday Woodlands Preserve, off Five Mile Road in East Bay Township, opened a month ago and offers unmarked trails for both hiking and mountain biking in an area designated “no hunting.” It’s a work in progress spread across the southern forested flank of Holiday Hills. The headwaters of Bakers Creek, a Michigan designated trout stream, cascades down through the preserve…

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