Here is a timeline of our many accomplishments to date!

December 2019

  • The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund approved a $584,800 grant for the creation of an exciting 145-acre natural area, incorporate our existing 80-acre Holiday Woodlands Preserve and add an additional 65 acres of natural land between our preserve and the Mt. Holiday Ski Area 

Fall 2019

  • Went throught the process of applying for the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant

October 2019

  • Held our Fall clean-up

February 2019

  • Completed the second draft of the Oleson Grant Application
  • Completed the 2% Tribe Application
  • Worked on the development of the Business Donation Campaign

anuary 2019

  • Completed the Oleson Grant Application First Draft
  • Worked on the development of the Business Donation Campaign

December 2018

  • Completed the Oleson Grant Application Outline
  • Completed the 2% Tribe Grant Application draft

November 2018

  • Secured a $2,500 donation from Cherryland Electric
  • Secured a donation of an advertisement in Traverse magazine from a private supporter
  • Ran an article in the Record-Eagle on Thanksgiving Day
  • GoFundMe page revised for annual campaign

October 2018

  • Hosted the Grand Opening Hike and Fall Event
  • Secured a $5,000 private household donation!
  • Received first monthly subscriber of donations

September 2018

  • Campaigned in neighborhoods surrounding HWP

August 2018

  • Filed Charitable Organization and Solicitation registration with state of Michigan
  • Began planning and preparation for the October 13th Open House!

July 2018

  • Received state registration as a charitable organization
  • Sent 501(c)(3) letters our amazing donors

June 2018

  • Featured in Northern Express article
  • Secured new domain name
  • Ran donor thank-you in the Record-Eagle
  • Mentioned in the Record-Eagle “Cheers” section
  • Created HWP Sponsor stickers
  • Erected a sign at the 5 Mile entrance
  • Established our Mission statement
  • Gave tour to Audubon Society members

May 2018

  • Featured in the Record-Eagle
  • Initiated Business fundraising campaign
  • Lobbied for township zoning change
  • Created HWP logo

April 2018

  • Conferred 501(c)(3) status (donations retroactive to September 26, 2017)
  • Began discussions with the Audubon Society

March 2018

  • Secured Liability insurance
  • Created official HWP email account

February 2018

  • Brought on a Public Relations Chair

January 2018

  • Featured in a follow-up article in the TC Ticker
  • Filled a Fund-Raising Chair volunteer position
  • Secured a baseline environmental assessment

December 2017

  • Set up a GoFundMe page
  • Raised funds for the $46,000 down payment
  • Closed on the property!
  • HWP Featured in the TC Ticker
  • HWP Featured on 9 & 10 News

November 2017

  • Acquired our Tax ID #
  • Adopted HWP Bylaws

October 2017

  • Finished year-long negotiations with the bank
  • Held our first official HWP board meeting
  • Elected HWP officers
  • Secured a loan with First Community Bank of Traverse City
  • Initiated process to form a 501(c)(3) status

September 2017

  • Held an open house to gain community involvement and feedback
  • Staffed a drive-by information booth
  • Began fundraising for the down payment
  • Formed Holiday Woodlands Preserve
  • Launched our website