Holiday Woodlands Preserve – Next Steps

Just a quick update to all of our fabulous HWP followers:

Thanks to our amazing donors we were able to make the down payment on the property and secure it (insert huge sigh of relief)!

So now what? We’re not done!

Next steps:

A fundraising team is being formed to specifically focus on ways to raise money for the payments. Have suggestions or want to get involved? Shoot us a message!

Non-Profit Status
The process of having the Holiday Woodlands Preserve recognized as an official charitable organization with 501(c)3 status is underway. This process can take up to 12 months though the team has been working on this for awhile – we are hoping to have things wrapped up in the next few months.

Future Property Plans
Discussions on the future plans for the property including trail maps, parking, property access, signage, etc are all under way.  Stand by for updates!

Thanks to everyone for their support! Go enjoy our 80 acres!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Woodlands Preserve – Next Steps”

  1. Can/would you eventually have a link to “donate” included on these posts? Thanks for all you do and good luck!


    1. Hi Debra, Do you mean a link to donate automatically via a credit card? Due to costs related I don’t believe we will take payments directly on our website. However, we are in the process of investigating/creating a Go Fund Me account where people can directly pay via. I will definitely share and include that info on these messages once it’s complete. At the very least I should include this link on how to donate currently:

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


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