Update – Extension

The Holiday Woodlands Preserve is just $18,000 short on the required down payment, but we have been granted an extension for more time to come up with the remainder of the down payment! We are urging our community to help out in any way that you can! 
This land could be a great resource for all of us (trails for hiking, biking, snow-shoeing, sledding, picnics, gardens, etc)…there’s so much we can do with it! Not to mention it will save the lives of many animals. Please help us save it permanently so that many years from now we can all look back and know we had a part in making it an enriching enjoyment for future generations.
Also, we can take pledges if you would like to assist with monthly or quarterly amounts (any pledges we can use as ammo with the bank to show that we have community backing us up, which makes them more willing to continue working with us).
PS – A heart felt thank you to all of our amazing donors to date! This wouldn’t be a hopeful update if it weren’t for you. 
PPS – If you know of a business with an interest in the environment, please pass on our information. Once the non-profit status is in place, this can be tax deductible. 

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