The team has worked hard to negotiate bank terms and deposit amounts. By October 31, a deposit of $48,000 must be deposited with Chemical Bank in order to secure financing for the $165,000 asking price for the property.  Failure to make this date and commitment means the neighborhood organization loses the $5,000 earnest money, the property reverts back to Chemical Bank, and the property goes up for sale.
If the property goes up for sale and a developer buys it, 80% to 90% of the trees on the property will be removed and the existing landscape will be forever altered by bulldozers and earth movers. Plus additional access roads will go in, most probably off of Holiday Village Road.
At this time, the Holiday Woodlands Preserve has collected $22,000 of the needed $48,000. We are urging everyone that can, to dig deep and make a strong financial commitment to preserve this 80 acres of woodlands now and forever into the future.  Check out our donations page for details!

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